"The alluring temptation of unbridled self-indulgence..... a steamy, smoldering superb song rife with gooey bluesy energy and alt-rock brawn."”


Snakechild opens on a tinny piano rolling into a viscous, oozing melody riding a potently throbbing rhythm as Local Nomad’s wickedly drenched tones infuse the lyrics with shadowy, portentous flavors, as if he’s caught up in some alternate universe where life resembles a series of surreal petit mal seizures.”


An exquisite juxtaposition between the melancholy lyrics and the carefree composition.”


Sweltering electro-pop... Synth leads evocative of 80s new wave paired with contemporary, progressive songwriting”

The Deli Magazine

Warm and soulful vocals, dream-like synths, and glossy drum beats that manage to keep you grounded.”

The Wild Honey Pie

Compelling and surprising....With the beat, sunny harmonies, and fluttering synths, you find yourself thrown back into a summer from years ago, tinged with nostalgia and regret”

Imperfect Fifth

A sunny electro pop track that masks its melancholia with new wave synths and a catchy falsetto hook.”

Under The Radar Mag

The groove is irresistible... sweeping and airy synths float to the top where they converge with the lyrics, creating an aural treat... seemingly genre-less.”

Pancakes and Whiskey


Long Island’s Local Nomad captures the inner tension and stress of balancing our needs with those of our loved ones in his new single “Gates,” a dynamic and heartfelt anthem of friendship and connection.”

Atwood Magazine

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