About Us

Michael Desmond, an American singer-songwriter, established the indie-rock group Local Nomad. Desmond was raised in a musical family and started songwriting in his adolescence. In 2017, he co-founded the band Local Nomad with other artists. The name captures the group’s free-spirited, adventurous nature.

Warm, ethereal pop melodies, indie-rock anthems, and electronic beats mix to make up Local Nomad’s distinctive style. Artists like Gorillaz, Beck, and Tame Impala influence the ensemble’s sound. Thoughtful lyrics that examine the human condition and the complexity of modern existence connect the music.

2018 saw the release of the band’s first hit, “Love is Gone,” which received over a million Spotify streams in no time. The song was played on numerous blogs and playlists, which resulted in performances around the US. Fans of the band come of all ages, and Desmond’s engaging stage presence and storytelling manner have won over crowds at live performances.

The band’s “Love is Gone” debut EP was released in 2020. Years of work on honing their sound and writing songs that highlight their distinct style and voice culminated in the EP. The Local Nomad’s first US tour and a growing fan base that keeps discovering their music were made possible by the EP’s success.

A collective of adventurous, passionate musicians, Local Nomad, explores new sounds and concepts while remaining true to their heritage. Local Nomads are a band to watch in the upcoming years and one to look forward to, thanks to their soulful, catchy songs and electrifying live performances.