The Making of “Love is Gone”: A Deep Dive into Local Nomad’s Debut

American indie rock band Local Nomad is renowned for its passionate lyrics and distinctive fusion of traditional rock and modern pop elements. In 2018, their debut song, “Love is Gone,” received much attention and amassed over a million Spotify streams. In this article, we examine the songwriting process, recording methods, production decisions, and the producer’s role in making this cherished hit song.

Songwriting Method

The story of “Love is Gone” is one of a relationship ending, leaving both sides bereft but hopeful. According to the band, the song was influenced by the experiences of one of their comrades, who went through a difficult breakup and drew inspiration from personal experiences.

Taking Notes Techniques

The lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, Michael Desmond, helped the group record “Love is Gone” in their Brooklyn, New York, studio. Like most of their songs, the band members claim that this one began with a straightforward guitar riff before the rest of the musicians completed the arrangement.

The band admitted that to capture the lyrics’ vigour and emotions, they recorded most of the song live with only a few overdubs. Michael Desmond’s voice is hugely captivating because of the subtle tonal changes that express a mix of tenderness and hardness.

Productivity Options

“Love is Gone” by Local Nomad combines warm, nostalgic guitar melodies with electronic beats to create an ethereal atmosphere. The song’s depth of sound implies that the band gave its production decisions a lot of attention and consideration.

It was difficult for the producer to put the song’s various parts together in a way that reproduced that plot. In contrast to other breakup songs, “Love is Gone” distinguishes itself by bringing optimism and hope in the conclusion. The music is more complicated and in-depth because of the contrast between the electronic sounds and the classic rock instrumentation.

With the Producer: Behind the Scenes

Dan Gluszak, who has collaborated with several well-known musicians, including Thirty Seconds To Mars, produced the song. Dan mentioned combining Michael Desmond’s unfiltered, visceral performance with the song’s electronic and dynamic elements.


“Love is Gone” by Local Nomad is a unique jewel in the congested music sector. Fans may comprehend the creative process behind this cherished hit song by looking more closely at the composition process, recording methods, production decisions, and producer’s work. “Love is Gone” brilliantly captures the group’s distinctive sound and approach and firmly establishes Local Nomad as a band to keep an eye on.

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